Alcohol Ink Paintings

Like most artists, I love scrolling through Instagram looking at all the beautiful art out there! I scroll through image after image of art that I love looking at but may not necessarily feel inclined to try myself. We all have our own styles and preferences. For a long time I would see beautiful alcohol ink paintings but never really felt inspired to learn about them or try them myself…until recently :)

This has been a crazy summer. We sold our house and are moving shortly. I had to pack up my studio for the selling of our home and with us moving shortly I decided not to unpack my studio only to pack it all back up again for the move. I did however want to still work on smaller projects that I could easily do at the kitchen table. That’s when the inspiration to try alcohol ink paintings kicked in :) I started with them thinking I was just going to play around with a few pieces until I can get back to my canvases and acrylics but low and behold I have fallen in love with them! They will certainly be taking up a prominent space in my new studio once we move!

Below are just a few examples of my latest experiments with the incredibly fun medium of alcohol inks.

blue and purple.jpg
Blue and Green.jpg