Is it spring yet?

It is now the middle of May here in Southern Ontario and spring is struggling to catch on this year. So many cool, grey and rainy days. So if I can’t enjoy spring outside I might as well try to bring a little of the warmer season to my paintings :)

I typically don’t paint many floral paintings but I find myself being drawn to them more and more lately. Particularly the looser, more abstract style. For me it’s less about the realism and more about the feeling I get when looking at the colours and the composition. This piece below is currently a work in progress. I will keep revisiting it in the days, maybe weeks to come and let my intuition tell me when it’s done.

Happy Spring wherever you are!

My progression so far…

The start of the first base layer:


Where I am at with it as of this post:

Abstract floral acrylic painting

Some close ups of the texture and detail:

texture abstract floral
acrylic texture flower

A short video clip of the details and texture: