Shelly Ferguson Original Fine Art Acrylic Paintings

I am so excited to launch my brand new website dedicated to my paint artwork. Although my journey in painting and drawing started some two decades ago, I took a long break from the paints and pencils to build a wonderful photography business focusing on the art of newborn, maternity and pet photography. This brought me great joy and still does (I am still accept photography clients on a regular basis) but I have recently rediscovered my love for fine art painting.

Back in my earlier days I concentrated on realism for the most part, creating mainly pencil and painted portraits, but at this point in my adventure I am exploring the amazing genre of abstract art! What a wonderful genre this is! I am loving the freedom and creativity with intuitive abstract painting. Currently my medium of choice is acrylic, typically on canvas but I am certainly open to trying new things all the time :) I hope you will all join me on this new and exciting adventure. Some of my art is purely for me and some of it will be for sale. Follow me on INSTAGRAM to keep up with my regular updates!