Alcohol Ink Paintings

Like most artists, I love scrolling through Instagram looking at all the beautiful art out there! I scroll through image after image of art that I love looking at but may not necessarily feel inclined to try myself. We all have our own styles and preferences. For a long time I would see beautiful alcohol ink paintings but never really felt inspired to learn about them or try them myself…until recently :)

This has been a crazy summer. We sold our house and are moving shortly. I had to pack up my studio for the selling of our home and with us moving shortly I decided not to unpack my studio only to pack it all back up again for the move. I did however want to still work on smaller projects that I could easily do at the kitchen table. That’s when the inspiration to try alcohol ink paintings kicked in :) I started with them thinking I was just going to play around with a few pieces until I can get back to my canvases and acrylics but low and behold I have fallen in love with them! They will certainly be taking up a prominent space in my new studio once we move!

Below are just a few examples of my latest experiments with the incredibly fun medium of alcohol inks.

blue and purple.jpg
Blue and Green.jpg

Small studies

With abstract painting I generally do prefer to work bigger and on canvas but I also love to experiment with smaller studies on paper to either try new colours combinations, different techniques or different subjects. I am not a floral painter by any means (yet :) ) but I am enjoying trying some very loose abstract floral paintings. I am excited to see where these acrylic studies take me.  

The following is a 16"x20" acrylic painting on canvas textured painting playing with some spring like colours.  

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Is it spring yet?

It is now the middle of May here in Southern Ontario and spring is struggling to catch on this year. So many cool, grey and rainy days. So if I can’t enjoy spring outside I might as well try to bring a little of the warmer season to my paintings :)

I typically don’t paint many floral paintings but I find myself being drawn to them more and more lately. Particularly the looser, more abstract style. For me it’s less about the realism and more about the feeling I get when looking at the colours and the composition. This piece below is currently a work in progress. I will keep revisiting it in the days, maybe weeks to come and let my intuition tell me when it’s done.

Happy Spring wherever you are!

My progression so far…

The start of the first base layer:


Where I am at with it as of this post:

Abstract floral acrylic painting

Some close ups of the texture and detail:

texture abstract floral
acrylic texture flower

A short video clip of the details and texture:

Recording the process

I love watching other people paint. I decided a while back that I would share a little of my process for others to watch, thinking that it might be helpful to them but in recording my own process I have come to realize how fun and beneficial it is for me to watch these videos :) It’s such an odd experience watching my painting develop from a third party point of view, seeing how my hand moves the brush on the canvas…even though I am the one that painted the piece I can’t help but wonder in anticipation about what’s going to happen next while watching the play back LOL.

The video below is a time lapse of one of my most recent paintings created on stretched canvas using mainly a kitchen scrub brush to apply the paint. I have a bit of an aversion to traditional brushes at the moment and quite often find myself experimenting with different and unconventional tools to create my paintings.

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Starting fresh...

I have been happily and successfully running my photography business for more than 10 years and when I decided to take the plunge and begin selling my paintings I forgot how much was involved in the start up of a new business :) All the details, the presentation, the marketing…. everything above and beyond the actual creating of the product!

But here I am launching my art website among other sales avenues. I love the process and results of creating unique abstract pieces of art and it’s now time to share them with everyone. (if only for the fact that I have now run out of room to store all my paintings lol)

Slowly but surely I am adding my pieces of art to my online portfolio. For now, larger paintings will be sold directly to my customers via email communication until I get my website online store up and running so please contact me if you see anything here on the website or on my INSTAGRAM page that you are interested in purchasing. All paintings are original and painting by me!

Smaller canvases and paper paintings will be available to purchase through me (by emailing) or directly in my ETSY STORE. Below is a small collage of the first few paintings I have loaded in my Etsy Store. More will be added regularly :)

I have also decided to put a few select paintings on FINE ART AMERICA. This site is not for original paintings, but rather for print reproductions, in various forms, of my original artwork. If there is a painting that you would love to see there just let me know. They have some cool products, such as phone cases, blankets, tote bags and of course canvas and framed prints!

Shelly Ferguson Original Fine Art Acrylic Paintings

I am so excited to launch my brand new website dedicated to my paint artwork. Although my journey in painting and drawing started some two decades ago, I took a long break from the paints and pencils to build a wonderful photography business focusing on the art of newborn, maternity and pet photography. This brought me great joy and still does (I am still accept photography clients on a regular basis) but I have recently rediscovered my love for fine art painting.

Back in my earlier days I concentrated on realism for the most part, creating mainly pencil and painted portraits, but at this point in my adventure I am exploring the amazing genre of abstract art! What a wonderful genre this is! I am loving the freedom and creativity with intuitive abstract painting. Currently my medium of choice is acrylic, typically on canvas but I am certainly open to trying new things all the time :) I hope you will all join me on this new and exciting adventure. Some of my art is purely for me and some of it will be for sale. Follow me on INSTAGRAM to keep up with my regular updates!